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Hello! I'm Benjamin Carlson -

A software engineer 👨‍💻, creator 📹, and student 👨‍🎓 living and working in CT. You've stumbled onto my online portfolio, resume, blog, and all things in between.

About Me

Hi everyone 👋, I'm Benjamin Carlson. I go to Central Connecticut State University where I study computer science and mathematics. My personal website is where I showcase my projects, writing, statistics, experience, and more. It also serves as a sandbox to play around with new technologies, as seen by the evolution of this website! Feel free to reach out via email or any social media.

Featured Projects 👨‍💻


coffeeclass.io is a tutorial website I started to teach programming and computer science skills in a fun and easy to learn manner.



This website is a personal website I built to showcase my projects and experience.


Word Of The Day App

A word of the day app built using Google's Flutter - a cross platform mobile app framework. View current and past words and save your favorites!


Publications 📚

I began writing about programming back in 2019 on my first blog that is no longer alive. Since then I have expanded to different media outlets and covered a variety of topics from programming, to productivity, to business.


I started uploading YouTube videos in 2020 when the pandemic started. I mostly upload programming tutorial videos but I also upload developer vlogs and informational videos. I have uploaded (almost) weekly since then and have grown my channel to an audience of over 4k subscribers and 450k views!


Medium was the first publication I started. I wrote my first article in March 2020, and since then I have written about a dozen more articles. Nowadays I write less for Medium and more for coffeeclass.io.


Because I enjoyed uploading YouTube videos about programming and writing about programming on Medium, I decided to start my own programming tutorial website, coffeeclass.io. If you are interested in writing about code, see our getting started page.


The behind the scenes look at coffeeclass.io. On this site I write about the development of coffeeclass.io. Everything from the current tech stack, future plans, growing pains, and more.

If You Can Think and Speak and Write, You Are Absolutely Deadly.

Jordan B. Peterson

Todo List 📝

Here is a list of things I plan to accomplish over the next year. Try it out yourself!

Improve Final Cut Pro skills 🎥

Finish my degree 🎓

Grow my YouTube channel 📺

Grow coffeeclass.io ☕



Tech Stack ⚙️

Each piece of technology used in this website is carefully thought out. I believe this is one of the best stacks there is to build websites of any size and domain.

JS FrameworkNext JSn/aNext.js was an easy choice given its large community and ability for rapid development.
CSS FrameworkChakra UIn/aI use Chakra UI because its components make a beautiful UI out of the box and are highly customizable.
Blognext-mdx-remote/blog/[slug].jsI use next-mdx-remote for my blog. Posts are stored in mdx files and pre-rendered.
Real-Time StatisticsNext.js api routes/api/[].jsMultiple api routes that interact with the GitHub, YouTube, and Strava api to fetch my real-time social media data using Next.JS serverless functions.
Realtime Blog Post View/Like CountFirebase Realtime Db/apiI use Google's Firebase to store view and like counts for my blog posts.
DeploymentVerceln/aI use Vercel to deploy my app. It's free, fast, integrates with GitHub, and overall a great experience.
DomainNamecheapn/aMy domain name is bought and stored through Namecheap.

Looks like you've made it to the end of this page... feel free to check out my YouTube channel or visit coffeeclass.io where you can find even more programming content.