Hello! I'm Benjamin Carlson, a developer, creator, and student living and working in CT.

I go to CCSU where I study computer science and mathematics. My personal website is where I showcase my projects, writing, statistics, experience, and more. It also serves as a sandbox to play around with new technologies! Feel free to reach out via email or any social media with any inquiries.

Featured Projects

Image of coffee


Coffeeclass is a tutorial website I started to teach programming and computer science skills in a fun and easy to learn manner.

Flutter 25 logo

25 Days Of Flutter

25 Days Of Flutter is a 25 day tutorial series designed to take you from a Flutter beginner to coding a complete app using various modern technologies.

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Word Of The Day App

Word of the day app built with Dart, Flutter, and Wordnik API. Video tutorial posted on YouTube.

Personal website logo

Personal Website

My personal portfolio website you are on now. Built with Next.js, chakra-ui, mdx pages, and serverless functions for realtime data.


The Law Forum LLC

C# Software Developer

Summer 2019, 2020, 2021, Fall 2020, Spring 2021

Part TimeInternship

At the Law Forum, I use in ASP .NET, C#, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and SQL to create and update internal websites for both The Law Forum and clients. I have completed 2 summer internships and over 6 months of part time work both in the office and remote.

Middletown, CT City Hall

I.T. Department

Summer 2018


The summer after graduating from high school, I had the opportunity to work with my city halls' I.T. department. I didn't do any coding but I had a hands on look at the I.T. field and worked on a number of hardware related tasks.


Here is a list of things I plan to accomplish over the next year.

  1. Improve Final Cut Pro skills 🎥
  2. Finish my degree 🎓
  3. Grow my YouTube channel 📺
  4. Grow Coffeeclass website 💻

Latest Blog Post

UseEffect In Next.JS - React Hooks

––– views

Learn what useEffect is learn how to use useEffect in Next.JS.

Top Blog Posts

How Tik Tok Gave Me The Perfect Coding Side Project

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I got an idea for a weekend coding project from Tik Tok.

Add A Firebase Backend To Your Flutter App Fast!

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Learn how to integrate Google's Firebase into your Flutter App.

UseEffect In Next.JS - React Hooks

––– views

Learn what useEffect is learn how to use useEffect in Next.JS.

Tech Stack

This websites tech stack.

Next JSn/aMy JS framework for this website.
Chakra UIn/aMy CSS framework for this website.
Blog/blog/[slug].jsI use next-mdx-remote pages for my blog posts.
Real-Time Statistics/api/[].jsMultiple api routes that fetch my real-time social media data using Next.JS serverless functions.
Realtime Blog Post View/Like Count/apiI use Google's Firebase to store view and like counts for my blog posts.
Verceln/aI use Vercel to deploy my app.

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